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Welcome to Nonantum, in Newton Massachusetts
Welcome to the Nonantum Network, where the people, organizations, and businesses of Nonantum can connect with each other to get things done.
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Corner Of Adams And Watertown Streets
Find a project you care about and get involved; or announce your own idea and find support.  Municipal services, public safety, economic opportunity, quality of life...
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West Street, Nonantum, Newton MA 02458
Make a difference.  Join the Nonantum Network.   For generations, our small neighborhood attracted a religious and ethnic mix which has given it a character all its own, a character we cherish.
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Mission Statement

The Nonantum Neighborhood Association (NNA) is a volunteer community organization committed to fostering ideas, initiatives, improvement, and building a strong foundation of growth and prosperity through dedicated advocacy for both residents and the businesses of the village of Nonantum.

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